Member Recruitment System of Preenon Foundation

Only Bangladeshi (By birth) and motivated and like minded candidates (Students of 11th standard or above) with the constitution, aims and objectives of the organization, can become members of this organization. The recruitment process is described below –

  • The foundation will advertise the circular of member recruitment (as per need) after every educational session for taking members from each batch.
  • Candidates must apply to the President/General Secretary, Preenon Foundation through the application form prescribed by the foundation’s website. Application form can also be manual but it must be provided by the foundation.
  • The President/General Secretary will present the submitted application form to the Executive Council Meeting for approval and the applications will be approved or rejected as per the resolution adopted in that meeting.
  • After approving the application form, the membership fee of BDT 200/- (Two Hundred Taka Only) and minimum monthly fee of BDT 50/- (Fifty Taka Only) should be paid to the treasurer to become a member of the organization. Even if you want to pay more than the minimum fee, it must be mentioned in the prescribed space of the application form.