About Us

Preenon Foundation is a non-profit, social, non-political, non-communal, public welfare and voluntary educational organization running by some university students since 2017.

With the motto “Be honest in responsibilities, prove your worthiness”, A group of like-minded socially conscious youths came unitedly for the purpose of the implementation of socio-economic welfare and in the service of humanity. They planned to stand against the existing social degradation-lawlessness-violence-hatred-inequality and widespread chaos, anarchy, disorder and pollution. For ​​reviving human values ​​by infusing new consciousness in the process of building a universal social consciousness, patriotic citizens, irrespective of party-like-race-religion-caste, they took the initiative of founding “Preenon Foundation” in 2017.


“নিজ দায়িত্বে সৎ থাকি, নিজ যোগ্যতাকে প্রমাণ করি”

What We Do

Education Based Programs

- Conducting activities aimed at developing the inherent qualities of the present students of Lalpur and adjoining areas (Rajshahi Division).

- Organizing various workshops (Such as seminars, quizzes, debating competitions, Olympiads etc.) with the aim of eliminating the ongoing moral degradation and creating conscientious people.

- To provide comprehensive guidelines and financial support to the meritorious students from poor, disadvantaged families to avoid dropout.

- To provide advice and guidance to university admissions candidates and encouraging the students of this region to pursue their goals by rewarding them based on their good results in various examinations for a bright future.

Social Programs

- Free blood grouping and blood donation program.

- Working with the conviction to organize the well-intentioned people of the region, especially the youth.

- To stand by the side of the distressed people in critical moments (disasters, epidemics) of the country irrespective of place, time, religion, caste and opinion.

Md. Harun Or Rashid

Founder, Preenon Foundation

Yeanot Ali

Co-Founder, Preenon Foundation